2016 lambs are here and ready for their new homes in July 2016!

 All lambs will be purebred Finnsheep, bred with an eye towards high quality fiber and friendly disposition. Colors will include white, black, piebald (varying combinations of white and black), and brown. Finns are great for small farms and homesteads and are a multi purpose breed, useful for wonderful fiber, milking ability, and meat. Finnsheep are also naturally well tempered, have short tails (no tail docking), and naturally polled (no horns), making them great for families with young children. If you are looking to increase your lambing percentages in your flock, Finns are the way to go! Finnsheep are known for having "a litter of lambs", and regularly throw triplets, quads, and quints!

Ewe and ram lambs available, $200-$350. Dams and Sires will be available on site. Please check back for updates.

We are members of the Finnsheep Breeders Association and more information on the breed can be found here.

Please call at 443.350.7207 or email localcolorfiberstudio@gmail.com to reserve lambs!