Dye Garden

Dye Garden: In the Making


After a day of blackberry removal. Besides caring for our wooly friends, the Finns, this past month has been pretty quiet. The Winter Farmer's Market on Bainbridge ended just before the holidays and our evenings are no longer filled with the smells of wet yarn and simmering flowers.

But our month's respite flew by and it's now February. All those plans we laid out for the coming year are feeling more and more real as seeds begin arriving in the mail. Just the sight of all those promising little paper packets spread across the floor is enough to drive me outside with a frenzied desire to plant something, see it grow and harvest it all at once.

First things first though...


We filled at least 5 of these with brambles!

For the past few weeks, Emily and I have been channeling our pent up energy into cutting and pulling blackberry, wrenching out alder saplings and plucking up the previous season's nettle canes. Beneath all those unwelcome squatters, we've found some lovely soil, soon to be tilled and planted with this year's color. Emily turned farmer a few years ago so she's got a few seasons under her belt while much of this is fairly new to me. Hence I felt the need to document Emily's valiant tree extraction efforts via the Weed Wrench. Hope the magnitude of our clearing efforts comes across through this series of photos!


20140116_135158 20140116_135149 20140116_135156

Next steps:

tilling and installing deer fencing.

our field with a haircut