Winter Sheep


IMG_3983Our flock of Finnsheep are doing well this winter! We have a small flock of 9 Finns and one llama protector. Finnsheep, or Finnish Landrace, are a breed of sheep from the European Short Tail Sheep family. They are most notable for their high lambing numbers; we expect each ewe to have between two and five lambs this spring! Finnsheep fleeces come in white, black, piebald (white and black spotted), gray, brown, and fawn. The breed in general have a friendly disposition and great adaptability. Our sheep love Scotch broom and blackberries nearly as much as pasture! IMG_3943Finnsheep wool is a wonderful all purpose wool! It is a medium wool, ranging from 19-30 microns and 3-6 inch staple length. Finn blends well with other fibers, especially our angora, and takes dye well. Felters like working with Finn because it felts well and creates a drapey and silky fabric.

IMG_3931We expect our first lambs around the middle of April and are so excited! Updates to come!