August 10 Natural Dye Workshop


August 10 Natural Dye Workshop

from 25.00

Come learn the basics of natural dyeing with Local Color Fiber Studio on our farm in Puyallup, Washington! We will give you an introduction to the process of using plant based dyes on protein fibers, such as wool and silk. We will begin the day harvesting a variety of dye material from our dye plant field and then we will spend the afternoon dyeing up our harvests!

We will also discuss strategies for implementing your own dye garden. You will have the opportunity to dye and take home your own yarn and silk scarf.

More yarn and scarves will be available for purchase, a la carte, at the workshop.

This workshop is held on a working farm. Please be prepared and dressed for the occasion. Please bring a lunch, sunscreen, and a hat!

Workshop time:

Saturday August 10 2019, 11am-4pm

Sliding Scale Payment Structure

We believe that craft is for everyone and something that everyone can learn. In an effort to make our workshops available to everyone, we offer a sliding scale payment structure so everyone can participate. Please pay what you can and know that if you can pay a higher amount, this directly helps others who can not. This workshop is valued at $125. I cannot teach this workshop if a minimum dollar amount is not reached so please take that into consideration.

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