Naturally Dyed Fibers


One of our most unique products are our naturally dyed yarns and fibers. We grow a wide range of natural dyes suitable for our region to dye our own Finnsheep farm yarns and other domestically grown and spun yarns from the American West.

Natural dyes are an agricultural product! Our colors shift year to year and season to season and reflect the changes in each year. Each dye lot is unique so be sure to purchase enough for your whole project at once. If you need a large quantity, please drop us an email and we can make it happen!


Why natural dyes?

We grow natural dyes along side our vegetable fields. These blooms provide habitat and food for pollinators and beneficial insects. We use natural dyes as an alternative to synthetic dyes that are a product of petrol chemicals. We enjoy natural dyeing as it connects us to our collective social histories; humans have been using natural dyes far longer than synthetic dyes.

Natural dyes are part of our the cycle on our farm. Our sheep grow wool and produce compost that is spread on the natural dye field. Those plants dye our wool and keep our yarns extra local!

We teach dye workshops each summer on our farm. For more info and to sign up, please visit our shop in the button above.